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The Ultimate in Time-Lapse Photography

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Now this is something amazing, and you may have already seen this. San Francisco-based filmmaker Ahree Lee took on an experimental project, taking a digital snapshot of her face each day since November 1, 2001. Then in 2004, she took that picture she had and turned them into a short film entitled simply, “Me,” at the rate of about one week’s worth of pictures a second.

What surprised me was how she kept an stone-faced expression throughout the whole thing, so that you can look at the film, yet not get completely dizzy with the pacing.

View the film and see for yourself.

Tickled Pink

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Slowly but surely, my friend Joy is achieving fame. I think she’s the only person I know of (and probably the only person, period) who has the chutzpah to get married wearing hot pink Crocs. Here’s proof, plus her story on the Crocs website.

What Do You Think? Liquid Assets on a Plane

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

So British authorities have foiled a plot that would have involved liquid explosives, and as a result the TSA has banned all liquids and semi-liquids from carry-on baggage.

It’s about time that dangerous liquids are kept off planes. Dangerous liquids like…oh, say, dihydrogen monoxide?

Of course, it’s just my luck that this change is happening just two weeks before I go on a trip. I like traveling light…in fact, I’ll bring three or four changes of clothing for a one-to-two-week trip and plan to do laundry. Plus, I’m marginally less likely to lose my own luggage. Consequently, I’ve always been willing to make sacrifices so that all my stuff fits in a single suitcase and daypack. Carry-on-only has been the way to go.

But now these new requirements will put a crimp in my plans. I can’t even carry on toothpaste or shaving cream on the plane. Now I have two choices…either check my suitcase and risk it getting lost, or getting sample-size toiletries at the destination. (I am going to the area around a major city, so stopping at a Walgreens is an option.)

I have a couple of weeks to plan ahead, so I’d like some feedback. What would you do in my situation? Check the suitcase or buy my toothpaste there?