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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
This trip will be a little different from my other Northwest
expeditions. It’s the first time in a while, since 2001 to be exact,
that I’ve gone to the Northwest “just because.” The last four trips
I’ve been on were primarily to attend an event (my friend’s wedding in
2004, and Hood to Coast in 2006, 2007, and 2008), though I scheduled
time before or after the event to explore and unwind. In fact, this
trip may have been just that…centered around an event. For a while I
was seriously considering doing the Eugene Marathon. A friend of mine
had done it a couple of years back and had a good time. But financial
constraints (in particular, the state’s plan to delay state tax
refunds until July) put the kibosh on that plan.

So, I was targeting July or August (to plan around my 20th high school
class reunion). By then my tax refund moneys from both federal and
state would be in, and combined with some money I had put away for the
trip late last year, it would pay for the trip. But then came the hard
part – deciding on the dates, finding a pair of dates about two weeks
apart that would give me maximum time and minimum disruption to my
obligations at home.

It was on February 19 that the pieces of the puzzle started coming
together. I found a good roundtrip fare on Hawaiian for July 13 – 26
and took Bing Travel’s advice to book it. Plus, HawaiianMiles allowed
me to chop that fare in half – woo hoo! After that, everything else
fell into place in a matter of a few days; I have my car reserved and
reservations at hotels in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver (at AAA
rates, of course).

Now comes the hard part – deciding what to do while I’m there.
Fortunately, I have five months to think about it.

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