Breakfast in Tehran: Coffee and Danish Roses of Muhammad

Squeezed February 16, 2006

They tried peaceful protests. Then they tried torching their embassies. Now the Islamic world is trying another tactic against the Danish…hitting them where it really hurts.

Bakers in Iran have taken the step of renaming the well-known Danish pastry as “roses of the Prophet Muhammad,” in retaliation for the by now infamous cartoons.

Of course, we in the United States should talk, seeing that we banished the French from our fries and toast in certain quarters. And we banished German names from our menu during World War I.

But of course, all of this probably comes to naught. French fries may not have come from France after all, but rather from Belgium or Spain. But France may have actually been the birthplace of the Danish pastry. Nothing is what it seems.

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  1. Freshly Squeezed Says:

    Waging Linguistic Warfare Against Iran

    First they declared cultural war on the Danish (the people and the pastry). Now, they’ve taken aim at Western loanwords. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered that words of Western origin be purged from Farsi (hat tip to The Moderate…

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