Anti-Semitic Jews? What’ll They Think of Next?

Squeezed February 28, 2006

Israeli cartoonist Amitai Sandy thinks he has a solution to the whole cartoon controversy over Muhammad and the Holocaust. How about anti-Semitic cartoons, drawn by Jews and Israelis? Oy vey!

Says Richard Silverstein:

The problem with all this is that most Jews are understandably uncomfortable with anything that remotely smacks of anti-Semitism. Our vaunted sense of humor (remember Lenny Bruce?) takes leave when it comes to this subject. But Sandy is saying: “why should it?” Why can’t we talk about it like we talk about any other subject that is important to us? Why can’t we poke fun at the anti-Semites using their own graphic weapons (big noses, horns, the works)? And most of all, why can’t we poke fun at ourselves as Jews have done for millenia?

I agree. If there’s one thing about Jews, at least here in the U.S., their humor tradition is quite rich. And here in Hawaii we also have an rich multi-ethnic humor tradition which has fallen by the wayside in recent years because we have just become too darn sensitive. Explaining it is one full entry in itself.

May the best cartoon win!

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