Still More Rain, Still More Drama on Kauai

Squeezed March 16, 2006

Heavy rain continues to fall on Kauai, which is under a flash flood warning until 7:45 PM HST tonight. A round-up of the day’s action on Kauai in the aftermath of the Kaloko Dam break:

  • The male body found shortly after Tuesday’s dam break has been identified as that of Alan Dingwall. Still no word yet as to the identity of the second body.
  • Waikomo Stream, into which the Waita Reservoir near Koloa empties, has overflowed its banks. Officials have started voluntary evacuations in Koloa, Kalaheo, and Waimea, all on the south shore of the island.
  • Workers continue to drain water from Morita Reservoir, downstream of compromised Kaloko Reservoir. Eventually, Mayor Bryan Baptiste would like the dam to be dismantled.
  • Gov. Linda Lingle intends to ask the Legislature tomorrow for emergency funds for cleanup, recovery, and investigation of the dam break.
  • State civil defense officials intend to perform emergency inspections of all dams, including those on private property.

Elsewhere around the blogosphere:

An entry from a high school friend of Aurora Fehring.


Even when we try to be cautious and protective of our resources it seems that the best knowledge is still only available in hindsight. Hopefully the state gets ahead of the game sooner rather than later, as estimates are that a second dam will burst soon.

The dam break has caused one blogger to cancel her vacation to Kauai.

Aaron at Lifelike Pundits uses the story to sarcastically take a swipe at people who criticize President Bush.

More to come, if I can slog through the mindless blog-o-bots listed on Technorati that do nothing more than just parrot the stories published online…a rant on this would an entry in itself.

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