OK, What Else Do We Stand For?

Squeezed March 21, 2006

From the Bull Moose:

The Moose ponders the political Zeitgeist.

The Moose has a sense that the Democrats may very well capture the House and/or the Senate this year. It has nothing to do, however, with the donkey. It has everything to do with the incompetence of the elephant. …

While the Democrats lead the Republicans on most domestic issues, the Moose senses that the country isn’t moving significantly to the left. Cultural issues still matter. And if there is some improvement in Iraq, the Democrats are vulnerable to the charge that they are naysaying defeatists.

Moreover, while the Republican coalition is under stress on issues such as government spending and the war, it is not yet in danger of splitting apart. It is still fairly united as a low tax, social conservative, hawkish party.

And what of the Democrats? What are their ideas for governance? Is the Democratic coalition growing? What new groups are attracted to the donkey? Exurban voters? Moderate Republican women? Independents? Anyone?

The Moose has a point. It seems that we Democrats have been fixated on the “I” word. They did it to Clinton just because he couldn’t keep his willy where it belonged; why shouldn’t we apply the big “I” to Bush, who has committed much higher crimes and misdemeanors?

God knows that I’d like to see Bush get his comeappance. And I think Russ Feingold’s attempt to implement the “C” word (maybe as a step toward the “I” word) is bold, if ill-timed. But Democrats need to think about how best to sell what else we offer if we are to be taken seriously as an alternative. I mean, there’s one thing that Democrats can offer, namely, security that doesn’t compromise civil liberties. How about taking the money we spend on Iraq and using it to bolster U.S. Customs or the Coast Guard? The list goes on and on.

Simply put, we can’t be cast simply as “impeach and censure” Democrats. Besides, if a Democratic Congress does impeach Bush and by some miracle manages to get the Senate to convict…the most likely outcome is that Dick Cheney fills out the rest of Bush’s term. The cure may then be worse than the disease.

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  1. John Nishida Says:

    One thing you can admire about the Presidents Bush is that they both set up “insurance” VPs. George H.W. Bush had Dan Quayle and “Dub-ya” has Dick Cheney.
    Anyone else find it ironic that Cheney was hunting quail when he accidentally shot his friend?

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