Those Who Have Grown to Hate Bush, Read This

Squeezed March 23, 2006

Lately, I’ve been reading Impostor by Bruce Bartlett, one of the key people in the Reagan Treasury department. Yep, the folks that brought us supply-side economics. You’d think that, since Reagan and Bush the younger were ardent fans of the tax cut, he’d be singing his praises. Think again.

In short, Bartlett eviscerates Bush on the economic front, but making it clear from the start that his is a classical conservative viewpoint. He uses such choice phrases as “the worst record on trade since Hoover,” calls Medicare Part D “the worst legislation in history,” and predicts a huge tax increase in the making, if not by him, then by his successor. Heck, he practically puts Bill Clinton on a pedestal.

Bartlett is one of the latest of people associated with the right side of the aisle coming out against the policies of President Bush. And just earlier this week, I read Cal Thomas’ column in the paper. Of course, I hardly read his column; he makes Jesse Helms look like Jesse Jackson. But I do have to give him props for calling the GOP out on their lack of fiscal prudence.

Which brings me to a great essay by Jane Smiley at the Huffington Post (mahalo Linkmeister). She has tips for Bartlett from “those of us who have been anti-Bush from day 1.” Her basic thesis, in four words: We told you so. But read the whole thing.

And Smiley closes with this, which, again, is the reason I don’t support impeaching Bush: “As bad as Bush is, Cheney is worse.”

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