BREAKING: Two State Legislatures Introduce Impeachment Resolutions

Squeezed April 23, 2006

This might be the talk of the nation real soon. Like, tomorrow morning.

Invoking little-known Section 603 (PDF file, see pp. 2-3) of the U.S. House rules, the Illinois and California state legislatures may set the impeachment proceedings against President Bush in motion. Both legislatures are Democrat-controlled.

Internet Relay Chatters on have set up a wiki to track the facts of the story.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: I should say that this may not go anywhere, since the resolutions have only been introduced and have yet to be voted on by the respective legislatures. And with the GOP in control of the House, the chances of it getting through are pretty slim. But once the mainstream media picks this up…boom. Like piranhas to blood.

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