Running Update

Squeezed May 29, 2006

1. Runner’s knee: Unfortunately, my running hasn’t been what it should be, partly because I’ve been battling a sore knee for a couple of months. It doesn’t hurt much when I run, but it aches on and off when I’m not running. Maybe I’d better take a couple weeks completely off running, cross-train, and make sure it’s completely healed before taking up training again.

2. Team in Training: I’ve been debating as to whether to do it again this year, but seeing that Eric is pledging $1 per kilometer he races to me, that’s an offer I can hardly afford to pass up. Hoping and praying that my knee heals up before training in August.

3. Hood to Coast: Got an excuse to take a mainland vacation this year. A friend of mine from TNT has a daughter who lives up in Portland, and who’s participating in the annual Hood to Coast Relay…12 person teams running 197 miles from Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood to Seaside on the Oregon Coast. Turns out they needed another person to round out the team. An opportunity like that doesn’t come along everyday. So, Oregon, here I come… The relay is August 25-26.

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