Since When Did Hawaiian Tel Switch My DSL Back to Dialup?

Squeezed July 8, 2006

That’s a question I’d really like to get answered, because for the past two weeks my download speeds have been sucking wind. This is starting to piss me off.

I think it was late last month that I noticed that I was getting only half my normal download speed. Tried the normal routine when download speeds drop…reset the DSL modem. It still didn’t work. I figured it was a corroded telephone wire (I have several telephone extension cords daisy-chained from my computer to the telephone jack in the dining room), and one of the connections were rusted, so I swapped out the cord. Still, yucky speeds.

Then I found out I’m not alone. Small comfort, I guess.

Even Erika Engle, business columnist at the Star-Bulletin, remarked that her DSL connection seemed like it was “on LSD.”

Apparently, new bandwidth that HT was expected to get Wednesday may not get turned on until late next week. Argh!

What is really teeing my off is how hard it is to get information straight from the source. Verizon had a system status page that showed where in the nation network problems were occurring. How hard it would be for Hawaiian Tel to create something similar, link it off the portal page, and maintain it? I mean, sure, download speeds are not guaranteed. But if something like this is going to happen, wouldn’t it be a good idea, from a public relations point of view, to let ALL your customers know?

Maybe I should have stayed with dial-up. At least then I wouldn’t be complaining so loudly when my speed drops to 600K like I am now. My expectations have been forever changed.

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