Woman Who Fingers Wendy’s Gets Fingered

Squeezed April 21, 2005

In March, a woman claimed that she found a one-and-a-half inch fragment of human finger in the chili at a Wendy’s restaurant in San Jose. Today, she was arrested, but not after Wendy’s franchises throughout the Bay Area suffered, to the point of having to give away free ice cream. No further details until a press conference tomorrow.

Now, it’s one thing to sue McDonalds because there was little advance warning that their coffee is piping, scalding hot. (Although how someone would not realize that is beyond me.) It’s quite another to try to sue Wendy’s because they failed to warn people that they may eat human body parts.

In fact, it was said that Anna Ayala, the woman who filed the claim against Wendy’s and later withdrew it, has a history of filing unsuccessful legal claims. Although Republicans are known for being the party that advocates limits on lawsuits, even this dyed-in-the-wool Democrat thinks this has gone a bit too far.

I mean, it got national coverage, and Wendy’s has suffered major damage to its public image, not to mention the cost of having to investigate how something that gruesome got into a chili bowl. Now, if a human finger showed up in the chili at your local Zippy’s, and it got the kind of coverage that Wendy’s did, Zippy’s might as well shut down, ’cause to locals, Zippy’s IS its chili.

Wendy’s probably has enough evidence for a defamation suit, and if they do file one against Ayala, I really hope they win it.

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