What Do You Think? Liquid Assets on a Plane

Squeezed August 10, 2006

So British authorities have foiled a plot that would have involved liquid explosives, and as a result the TSA has banned all liquids and semi-liquids from carry-on baggage.

It’s about time that dangerous liquids are kept off planes. Dangerous liquids like…oh, say, dihydrogen monoxide?

Of course, it’s just my luck that this change is happening just two weeks before I go on a trip. I like traveling light…in fact, I’ll bring three or four changes of clothing for a one-to-two-week trip and plan to do laundry. Plus, I’m marginally less likely to lose my own luggage. Consequently, I’ve always been willing to make sacrifices so that all my stuff fits in a single suitcase and daypack. Carry-on-only has been the way to go.

But now these new requirements will put a crimp in my plans. I can’t even carry on toothpaste or shaving cream on the plane. Now I have two choices…either check my suitcase and risk it getting lost, or getting sample-size toiletries at the destination. (I am going to the area around a major city, so stopping at a Walgreens is an option.)

I have a couple of weeks to plan ahead, so I’d like some feedback. What would you do in my situation? Check the suitcase or buy my toothpaste there?

2 Responses to “What Do You Think? Liquid Assets on a Plane”

  1. Eric Osaki Says:

    Since the cost of many of the items you will purchase – shaving cream, hair products, shampoo, toothpaste is usually marginally cheaper and sales/excise tax free in OR, I suggest you buy it up there. Budding entrepreneurs will probably start having prepakaged toiletries kits for sale (or as a service like Japanese hotels) n the near future. This business of stopping people from carying stuff is kind of stupid and we have always been at risk for it. Next thing they will take away will be pens and pencils because I could do more damage with a sharp pencil, than wil a toothpaste bomb…
    A number of progressive persons on the Bill Maher Show were saying that as the Election comes closer, the Bush administration would: ban embyonic stem cells, work to stop the burning o flags, work to help the Evangelical set, AND find a way to bring back the terrorist color codes. I was wondering how they would do that last one, but Tony Blair has been coming to the zU.S. a lot recently…

    Arent we fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here?

  2. Keith Says:

    They’ve already started doing that; I’ve seen pre-packaged kits at our local Wal-Mart. Eventually, someone will find a way to put explosives in clothing and we’ll have to strip naked before we get on a plane…

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