If Only All Fire Calls Were Like This

Squeezed December 20, 2006

Was in the middle of getting ready to go to work this morning when I heard fire engine sirens—multiple ones, and smelled something like burnt toast. It didn’t take me long to realize that there was a fire in my neighborhood. I took a detour to Keolu Dr. and passed through a cloud of thick smoke.

As I was going over the Pali I noticed not one, but two fire supervisor cars heading toward Kailua, and as I passed through Nuuanu, another fire engine.

All that, just for one house fire?

Then I got to my parking lot and checked the Advertiser website on my mobile phone, and found out why. Turns out I live about a half-mile (as the crow flies) from the home of a well-known actress. Well, what WAS the home of a well-known actress.

Not that I really follow “Lost” anyway. Sorry, Evangeline Lilly.

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