Saddam Is Dead: What Next?

Squeezed December 29, 2006

Well, the sound heard ’round the world this evening was the sound of Saddam Hussein’s neck breaking, as he was hanged in Baghdad.

One thing you can say about the Iraqis. They don’t believe in letting their death row prisoners grow old in prison before executing them. 56 days from sentence to execution. In the U.S. you’re lucky if you execute a prisoner within 56 months.

Not that I really think that capital punishment solves anything. Nor do I feel that war solves anything either, as you may know.

Quoted AP, emphasis mine: President Bush said that Saddam’s execution marks the “end of a difficult year for the Iraqi people and for our troops” and cautioned that his death will not halt the violence in Iraq.

Not that our commander-in-chief has ever been a realist, but I’m glad he realized that. Because I have this distinct feeling that, if Iraq isn’t in civil war now, it will be. Starting today.

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