Campaigning for a song?

Squeezed June 21, 2007

How one looks to the public is everything in politics, but that doesn’t mean that sound doesn’t play an important part either.  I remember watching the Democratic National Convention in 1992, witnessing Bill Clinton accept the nomination to the strains of “Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)” by Fleetwood Mac.

Now fast forward to 2007, as former First Lady and current Senator Hillary Clinton seeks to reclaim the White House.  Hillary and Bill meet in a diner in a scene supposedly reminiscent of The Sopranos. I never saw The Sopranos so a lot of the humor was lost on me. Anyway, the discussion then turns to the song that she decided to symbolize her campaign. She drops the coin in the jukebox…

Cut to a URL that tries to get you to contribute to Clinton’s campaign before revealing the answer, which is…

Well, we’ll cut to the chase (the article above did).  It’s “You and I” by Celine Dion.  Of course, some question why an American presidential campaign’s theme song is being sung by a French-Canadian singer. (I personally see nothing wrong with it.) 

So, with that in mind, should Barack Obama decide to fight back with a song of his own, what should it be?

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