Chunks of Reality: Bear Spray and Woolly Mammoths

Squeezed February 16, 2008

From the “Perhaps it’s time for this guy to head back to civilization” department:

KODIAK, Alaska – A man faces assault charges after allegedly spraying bar patrons twice with bear spray.

From the “And, of course, the U.S. Senate IS an ancient fossil” department:

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Ireland’s senators will have to share a museum building with the remains of prehistoric woolly mammoths and spotted hyenas during repairs to the Georgian mansion that normally houses parliament’s upper chamber.

Much of Leinster House, built in the 1740s and used by Ireland’s houses of parliament since the 1920s, will close for urgent repairs and the 60-seat upper chamber is to be housed in the natural history museum next door, Irish media reported.

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