Yes, There’s Finger Food, But Fingers IN Food?

Squeezed May 6, 2005

Yuck. With human body parts showing up in the news nowadays, these days I’m hesitant to go to a fast food restaurant. You never know what you’re going to find.

First it was the thankfully non-existent finger that purportedly found its way into a California woman’s Wendy’s chili…and the story afterward that ended in her being arrested for making the whole story up. Confidence would have been restored, but then…a customer this time finds a real, honest-to-goodness finger fragment in, of all things, a cup of frozen custard.

A shop worker at Kohl’s in North Carolina accidentally had the end of his index finger lopped off in a mixing machine, and it found its way into Clarence Stowers’ custard.

But now, there’s a fight brewing here as well. You see, it’s not as if the worker lost his fingertip, which ended up going through an assembly line, into an ice cream carton, and trucked across the country before being discovered. This is a fast-food store, and the detached digit was served up about a half-hour after the accident. This was enough time for both fingertip and finger owner to be rushed to the hospital to be reunited. But allegedly Stowers, with visions of huge settlements dancing in his head, refused to return the severed part, choosing to store it in his freezer for safekeeping.

So now the question becomes, “In his quest to become a rich man, did he deprive the rightful owner of the best chance to have it re-attached?” I think so. Public opinion has turned against Stowers, and well it should.

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