God Is Not A Republican…Or A Democrat

Squeezed May 6, 2005

It’s refreshing to finally see Democrats using the language of religion in politics. (Link via the Interfaith Alliance.) We’re seeing John Kerry finally say that God would not endorse Republicans, and seeing Ted Kennedy invoke Matthew 25:40 when talking about Social Security reform: “As you have done to the least of these, you have done to me.”

I think that if Kerry and Kennedy had done that earlier, and more often, we would be referring to him as President Kerry.

Lately I’ve started reading God’s Politics by the Rev. Jim Wallis. It’s a book that both the left and right sides are going to bitch about…the right because it dares to presume that their pet issues of abortion and gay marriage have to share airtime with poverty and peace; and the left for even mentioning religion at all.

My fellow liberals (who count themselves as members of the Reality-Based Community) tend to shy away from anything even remotely associated with religion. Being a Christian with generally liberal political views is pretty lonely, so reading Wallis’ book was encouraging. I really hate it when people like me are lumped together with the Religious Right, with whose views I couldn’t disagree more.

I really think that every Democrat and liberal should read this book, and especially if they’re trying to reconcile their religious beliefs with their political views. It’s possible to be a politically active Christian and be a liberal Democrat, if you frame poverty and peace as religious imperatives.

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