Twitter Updates for 2008-12-27

Squeezed December 27, 2008
  • Up a little early, hoping I can get to work early and leave that much earlier in the PM. #
  • You may have heard me complain about this before, but one thing I hate about midweek holidays: Fridays that feel like Mondays. #
  • Thought this would be a quiet day…not to be. At any rate, the weekend’s here. But first, a funeral for a FOAF… #
  • Power just went out @ Zippy’s Makiki… #
  • Zippy’s closing. No food. We’re calling it a night. It’s gonna be interesting going home. Piikoi is jammed with traffic from AlaMo. #
  • KSSK off the air. #
  • Caller from Ala Moana area says Pensacola, Piikoi, and Kapiolani jammed. #hipower #
  • Shari Shima from KHNL on KSSK. More thunderstorm activity offshore. #hipower #
  • Peter Rosegg from HECO: Four power lines were lost, causing the outage. #hipower #
  • Only in Hawaii: msgs in Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and Ilocano, all on KSSK, in the space of three hours. #hipower #
  • Kahe plant gen #1 started, Honokai Hale has power. Slow process is starting. #hipower #
  • 5 United flights out of HNL rescheduled to tomorrow AM. #hipower #
  • Reports of power on near Waiau power plant. #hipower #
  • Well, I’m gonna head off to bed. Say a prayer for the HECO folks tonight. Hope to wake up to juice. ‘Night all. #hipower #

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