God Is Not A Republican…Or A Democrat…Part 2

Squeezed May 8, 2005

Earlier I said that God was the ultimate non-partisan, and unfortunately there are people who believe otherwise. It’s one thing for a politician to say stupid stuff. But this takes the cake. (via Technorati)

You would think that a pastor would know better. In effect, he just tithed 10% of his membership (kicking out nine members, who took 40 others with them) and possibly his church’s tax exempt status at the altar of partisan politics.

As I mentioned, to some being anti-poverty and anti-war are more pressing moral imperatives than being anti-abortion and anti-gay. What is this nation coming to?

I really hope the IRS sees fit to uphold the tax law, revoke this church’s tax-exempt status, and hit them with a huge tax bill. Oh, wait, the government is in the hands of conservatives now. Ain’t gonna happen. Never mind.

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