Review: Monster-In-Law

Squeezed May 15, 2005

Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan
Rated: PG-13 for sex references and language.
Executive Summary: A female version of Meet The Parents, but not quite as funny.
Pineapples: 5 out of 10 (fair)

To be honest here, if it weren’t for a friend of mine and his interest in obsession over lust for Jennifer Lopez, I probably wouldn’t have seen this movie. Not that I have anything against Lopez…I’ve seen a few of her other films and enjoyed them.

Lopez plays Charlie, an aspiring fashion designer and starving artist who works odd jobs to make ends meet and who had zero luck in finding and staying with a man…until her paths inexplicably cross with Dr. Kevin Fields (Vartan). Needless to say, it’s love at first sight, and after several months together it’s time for Charlie to meet Kevin’s mother, well-known television personality Viola Fields (Fonda).

Right away you see the tension…a rich socialite and a “temp”. At first it seems like it goes well, but it all goes downhill when Kevin proposes marriage to Charlie…in front of mama. And the mentally unstable Viola (there is a backstory that I won’t divulge here)develops what can only be described as an vendetta against her future daughter-in-law.

There is a point in the movie when the two adversaries are forced to cohabitate together for a time, and that’s where you see the fireworks start. Well, it’s not really fireworks more than intrigue, manipulation, and backstabbing. And granted, the lengths that they each go to drive the other person crazy is nothing short of hilarious. However, there were a few aspects of character development that I felt weren’t explored enough in the movie.

Without divulging the ending (though I think that the ultimate outcome would be obvious to everyone in the theatre), I really think we can expect a sequel or two or three. However, I also think that this will be the rare occasion where the sequel will be better than the original.

At any rate, Andrew has gotten his badunkadunk fix for now. At least until Jennifer Lopez makes another movie.

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