She’s Dead and Gone, But the Case Lives On

Squeezed June 16, 2005

Oh, dear, here we go again. I thought the autopsy report was going to settle it, but unlike Terri Schiavo, this case is refusing to die.

I mean, what is it going to take? The doctors said she was in a persistent vegetative state. The courts found no reason to disagree. And now the doctors have opened her up and found that she did have half a brain, but no more than that. Not only that, but certain myths were put to rest…no evidence of any eating disorder, no evidence of abuse…and no possibility of recovery.

And yet, the rhetoric remains. Her parents are contemplating “unspecified legal action.”

Which is probably a code word for a wrongful death suit against Michael Schiavo.

If they do, then given their track record they may as well dispense with the lawyer and represent themselves in court. Even though the saying goes that someone who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer, I don’t see any difference.

Credit the Schindlers for their tenacity during the long legal battle to keep their daughter alive. It’s not easy to lose a child. And when you love someone, you are likely to see things that others don’t. I mean, in the videotape that shows Terri appearing to following a bouncing balloon; in light of the evidence we now know that to be impossible. It’s hard to visually follow something you can’t see.

At some point, reality must prevail. The grieving process does take time, and it may take years. But the sooner the Schindlers accept that their daughter died in a vegetative state, the better. For them and for this nation.

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