Yeah, Let’s Just Send Them All To Kaho‘olawe

Squeezed June 16, 2005

From Point Five:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, today announced the creation of the “Send a Terrorist to Hawaii” program, designed to stop Islamic extremism within the United States…

Congress will be considering funding the program in committee next week. The Justice Department is asking for $300 million to fund first class flights, hotel stays, helicopter trips, snorkeling, whale watching, and a “night life stipend” in order to seduce crazed Muslims into a decadent western lifestyle filled with booze, drugs, and hookers.

Hmmm…would the military like Kaho‘olawe back for target practice?

6 Responses to “Yeah, Let’s Just Send Them All To Kaho‘olawe”

  1. Lynn Vasquez Says:

    When I first read this, I thought it was a joke! So what happens now? How can we put our 2cents and stop this idiotic mental thing from happening? Thanks for the post….I want to share it at hawaii threads but you should do it! I’d like to see the responses from other locals, wouldn’t you?

    malama pono,
    Auntie Lynn aka Auntie Pupule

  2. Keith Says:

    Lynn, just so you know that it is a joke, as was my response. Point Five is a satire site. And I wouldn’t seriously consider giving Kaho‘olawe back to the military, no way no how. Not after all the effort to get it back from them. :)

  3. Lynn Vasquez Says:

    Keith, this was bothering my mind since I saw it! haha! The jokes on me! I don’t know what is a satire site until now…thanks to you. I would have made big A @ if I posted it. I can just imagine what Kimo would have done with it. OMG.

    Thank you for a lesson well learned.

    Lynn Vasquez aka Auntie Pupule

  4. Keith Says:

    OMG is right. Knowing him, he would have gone ballistic twice…when he found out the “news”, and even more so when he found out it was a joke. And he would go after both Point Five and ME. So I’m glad you didn’t put anything on Ha ha…

  5. Lynn Vasquez Says:

    Keith, I didn’t post it at I wrote about it on my blog and got two great comments on. Now, I really know what a “Satire Website” is all about. I may try to chance and write one but then again like I told Janeen…I’m not tactful! heheh


  6. Lynn Vasquez Says:

    Aloha Keith, eh, wea you stay? wat’s up with no new posting? are you ok? on vacation? hope you are doing well.


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