“Hey, let’s blow up a building and get in the Guinness Book!”

Squeezed July 13, 2009

From Paul Graydon (@Twirrim on Twitter) comes this tidbit.

FAIL Blog is a humor blog that posts humorous examples of “fail”–failures of all sorts–communications, sports, what have you.

Among them are words that probably are not intended to be there. Like, for instance, a link inviting a visitor to the Guinness World Records site to “break this record” — the record for “Most Individuals Killed in a Terrorist Act.” (If you need to know, it’s 2,823 people who died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.)

Goodness. I can just see the response to that. “Yes, I am very much interest in breaking record for most people killed. I not do that yet, but am working on it, you see. BTW, death to infidels like you. (signed) Osama Bin Laden.”

As is FAIL Blog’s custom, they posted a screenshot of the offending record, with its trademark “FAIL” in Impact Bold.

Apparently the people at Guinness had not heard of the concept of fair use, so they wrote a nasty e-mail to FAIL BlogĀ  demanding they remove the trademarked material from their site. Not one to let anyone else have the last laugh, FAIL Blog complied with the request but then wrote a response entitled “OMG U FAIL SO HARD” in which they outlined their position and response, along with the e-mail and the redacted screenshot. The response is funny and deserves a read. Hint: go ahead and read the “legal response.” Go ahead. I dare you. :)

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