A half-hour saves me $90.

Squeezed March 5, 2010
What a difference half an hour makes. Here's the story…

I was having some difficulty logging into the Hawaiian Airlines site to view my reservation (I wanted the ticket number so I could put into my tripit.com itinerary). So I called Hawaiian web support – they were kind and courteous. Turned out that the site was undergoing maintenance, but the rep was able to enable my account temporarily so I could see my reservation. It was then that I found out that there were some schedule changes to my original flights…same flight numbers but earlier departure and arrival times.

That meant that since my flight to Portland arrives 30 minutes earlier, I could pick up my rental car that much earlier. (I hit the ground in Portland around 11:00 p.m. PDT so the sooner I can get my rental car and get to the hotel, the better, and the sooner I can get on Pacific time. I hate red-eyes because I have difficulty sleeping on a plane.) So I went onto the Enterprise site, accessed my reservation, and bumped my pickup time up half an hour to 11:00 p.m. I wasn't expecting the originally quoted price to change, but it did. From around $400 for around two weeks to $310.

In a word – SCORE. A penny saved is a penny earned. And saving 9,000 pennies…all the better. :)

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  1. Hawaii realtor Says:

    That’s awesome! I just booked some tix to Las Vegas for me and my wife, and it was funny how every time I searched, the prices were a little different.
    At one point the Hawaiian site said the tix were $500, and the next day they were $400.

    I just learned a travel tip from a friend – bring a box of chocolates for the flight attendants to share, and you’ll get a lot of nice extras – food, pillows, etc.

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