Near Death Experiences

Squeezed July 27, 2005

My friend John’s dad suffered a stroke yesterday afternoon. About the time that I was working to save my computer, Joy writes that she and John and were at Straub, no doubt along with their whole clan, standing vigil at the ICU.

Eric just let me know that Mr. N is stable…will probably have to stay in the ICU for a while but is on the road to recovery.

Joy recently lost her father and the whole experience brought back memories for her, pouring salt in a wound that is still healing. And having lost a parent myself to illness, it hit home as well. The full story of what I went through during my father’s illness will have to wait for another entry, but for now I pray that John’s father recovers.

My thoughts are with you, John and Joy, during this time. If there’s anything I can do, just ask.

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