Depressed? Just Call Directory Assistance

Squeezed July 28, 2005

From the “what could they possibly have been thinking?” department, this in from Boston (via The Moderate Voice):

Just a week after the Herald revealed that anti-suicide signs on the Tobin Bridge had been removed by a state road crew, the signs are back – but with a wrong number.

Massport spokeswoman Danny Levy said yesterday the agency received six new signs from The Samaritans of Greater Boston and put them up on the bridge Tuesday.

But the phone number on the new signs – aimed at offering a potential lifeline to troubled souls considering suicide – is disconnected.

Good thing we don’t have a bridge connecting Honolulu and San Francisco.

P.S.: Yes, Lynn, this is a real story. :)

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  1. Linkmeister Says:

    I can’t find a link, but last week or the week before there was a story about Massachusetts or somewhere NE contracting route signs out with an Alabama sign as a template. The signs came back with the correct route numbers for the state, but with the silhouetted image of Alabama on them. Many red faces resulted.

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