And Now For A Public Service Announcement…

Squeezed August 1, 2005

I’ve been falling behind on my blog lately, but it’s really good to read something that provides some much needed perspective on blogging. (Via Linkmeister)

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  1. Lynn Vasquez Says:

    Blog Depression? LOL Keith, I clicked and click link after link. Is that what I suppose to do to get nothing? Funny! I make one year blogging on Aug. 6th. No Blog Depression for me. Thank you.


  2. RONW Says:


    Couldn’t connect to the link also. But that’s okay. Never thought of “blog depression” though. The way I see it, is that if bloggers don’t put a lot of crappie posts on their blogs, people would like their blogs more, and they would in turn like blogging more. Two decent post a week is worth its weight in pixels more than 6 mediocre entries from an over ambitious blogger. But that’s only me maybe.

  3. Keith Says:

    Weird. I tried the link just now and it worked, and it worked when I tried through Linkmeister too. What kind of error message are you getting?

    Anyway…for those who couldn’t see it, it’s supposed to be a parody of those Scriptographic booklets…those two-color booklets with those simple line drawings on health and safety topics…

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