As If The Akaka Bill Wasn’t Enough…

Squeezed August 2, 2005

…Kamehameha Schools is in the news yet again. This out of San Francisco and the 9th Circuit:

A federal appeals court ruled today that Kamehameha Schools’ Hawaiians-only admission policy is based on race, overturning a federal judge’s ruling allowing the school to refuse to admit a non-Hawaiian student.

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt, but not as much as the firestorm that will most certainly come. Film at 10.

UPDATE 10:59am HST: A link to the court’s opinion (Adobe Reader required). Via the Legal Reader.

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  1. Lynn Vasquez Says:

    Hi Keith! The fight has just begun for Kamehameha Schools! On another note…I made one year bogging so Blaine is setting up my own domain.heheheh


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