Friday5 for July 15, 2011: Long journeys

Squeezed August 4, 2011

From Friday5, July 15, 2011. It’s late, I know, but I couldn’t resist.

1. What is the longest distance you’ve traveled (in one trip) by foot?

26 miles, 385 yards – the length of a marathon. I’ve made that trip eleven times, always on the second Sunday in December. Although my time in making that trip has varied widely and trended up in recent years (from close to four hours to almost six).

2. What is the longest trip you’ve taken by car?

I believe it was in February 1994 (or possibly 1993). I was in college then, and my RA asked me on a Friday night to help share in the driving from Portland, OR to Palo Alto, CA so that her mom could attend a funeral. I was reluctant at first, as I had never driven on the mainland up until then, but agreed. We picked up one of her friends in Eugene, then we shared the driving through the night and the next day. We spent Saturday night and Sunday in San Francisco, then drove back, making it back to Portland early Monday morning. It was about 661 miles going and coming back.

The longest road trip I’ve done solo was from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver to Portland in 2010 – 314 miles going and coming back.

3. What is the longest trip you’ve taken by plane?

From Honolulu to Osaka, about 3500 miles.

4. What is the longest trip you’ve taken on some kind of water craft?

Longest I can remember was on a recent passenger ferry trip from Seattle to Victoria, about 100 miles each way.

5. What is the longest trip you’ve taken aboard a bus or train?

Zero miles. I’ve never taken either between cities. Probably about 15 miles if you count public transportation.

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