iPod? iLove It!

Squeezed August 7, 2005

Lately I’ve been a late adopter of new technology. Just a year ago, I had an old Pentium III computer with a dial-up modem. Since then, I’ve gotten DSL and retired the old P3 in favor of a new Pentium D Media Center.

Recently, I talked about digital downloads and my feelings about them. I said then I hadn’t used them very much because, well, I didn’t have the state-of-the-art apparatus needed to really appreciate them. I’ve had a four-year old 128MB Rio back when MP3s were pioneering technology. Then came Apple and its iPod, which has become the killer peripheral for digital music.

Most of my friends have jumped on the iPod bandwagon, but back then my friends would give me heat for being a person working in IT who only had dial-up. Never mind about digital music. I still had misgivings about digital music, and as I say in a previous entry, I still do.

Then I decided, since I have a marathon to run in a few months and would to have some music along with me, that I’d treat myself to a new iPod for my birthday. Especially since Apple combined the iPod Photo with the main iPod line, giving a 20GB iPod with a color screen for $299. But, then fate intervened, and I had a more pressing expense to deal with.

My birthday came and went, and I got two gift cards for $50 each. One card was for Borders, and the other was a GGP gift card that could be used at any GGP mall (like Ala Moana, or Victoria Ward Centers). Shortly afterward, I was browsing at Borders Ward Centre and noticed some iPod accessories. And what should I find at the bottom of the display but some iPods themselves.

And then it came to me. Borders. At a GGP mall. That’s $100 off the bat.

Then I received in my e-mail box a reward for registering for Borders Rewards…a discount coupon on any one item. 30% for books and CDs, 10% on electronics.

And then I discovered I had other Borders gift cards lying around. In total, I had about $175 of unused gift cards for Borders. That would bring the net cost of a $299 iPod 20GB down to about $100. A 66% discount.

Good enough for me. I picked up the new iPod at Borders yesterday. After charging it overnight, I loaded it up with music and it works like a dream.

So I’ll probably be making more use of iTunes in the future. But like I said before, CDs and legal downloads only.

(And thanks, John and Andrew, if you’re reading this, for subsidizing the cost of my iPod for me!)

3 Responses to “iPod? iLove It!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Welcome to the iPod collective! Resistance was futile! I’m jealous, too. I paid for the 20GB just before they added the color screens at no additional cost.

    If you’re looking for things to listen to, don’t limit yourself to books! Remember, the newest iPods and the latest iTunes can hook you up with podcasts, or portable, time-shifted, often independent radio-like shows.

    And since I’m a dork, I even have a show of my own – give it a listen! I’m at HawaiiUP.com. You can hear others in Hawaii at HawaiiPodcasting.com.

  2. Keith Says:

    Got my iTunes subscribed to HawaiiUP. And I was listening occasionally from the pre-iPod days too. You’ve got a good product there, Ryan. Keep it up!

  3. Freshly Squeezed Says:

    The iPope

    From the Sydney Morning Herald (via The Moderate Voice) comes this little tidbit about Pope Benedict. You would think that, conservative septuagenarian as he is, he would view modern technology as the Devil’s attempt to take over the world. Not…

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