Marathon Fever is Incurable, But So is Leukemia

Squeezed August 11, 2005

Base training is going well…I’m up to 9 miles on my long run. This past week felt pretty good going from Kapiolani Park to Kahala Mall and back. Still gotta work on those hills, but it’ll come.

However, I’m about to do something that’s sure to get me committed to a sanitarium somewhere. As if the brutality of marathon training weren’t enough (and I know how tough it is), I’m also going to add on the challenge of raising money for charity.

In particular, I’m going to take part in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program. It’s one of their major fundraising initiatives, and has become the largest endurance sport training program in the world.

As a member of TnT, I’ll be getting coaching, training advice, and support every step along the way, while in return I raise money for the Society’s work.

Please make a donation, and help bring blood-related cancers to an end and improve the lives of people who suffer from them.

I’ve also set up a sister blog for regular updates on my training and fundraising.

Thanks for your support!

2 Responses to “Marathon Fever is Incurable, But So is Leukemia”

  1. Lynn Vasquez Says:

    Hi Keith! What a chicken skin post! I wrote mine in reference to a Korean Soap Movie based on Lukemia…the heroine dies at the end. I was on a marathon with MAMA watching it, hence, the title of my post Marathon, MAMA & ME. I will definitely give to the cause which you will be training under.


  2. The Wolf Says:

    Leukemia is such terrible disease. I received a letter from a small child with such heart, it makes it hard for me type this comment.

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