Squeezed August 25, 2005

Alchera Project, Project 36, Option 2. Do a little bit of research on the year you were born–find out things like inventions, popular movies and entertainers, important events, et cetera–and write a poem dedicated to your birth and include things you learned about your year of birth.

Nixon visits China red,
Munich games, Israelis dead,
Argentines choose Juan Peron,
Airports are a gun-free zone.

Fischer dominates in chess,
Vietnam’s an awful mess,
U.S. troops are pulling back,
On Kitty Hawk fight white and black.

Agnes’ fury hits the beach
Feminists extend their reach,
Wallace falls at point-blank range,
All in all, a year of change.

Nixon tops McGovern’s vote,
Setting stage for old Deep Throat.
Crazy world is tossed and torn.
In this tumult, I was born.

(thanks to Wikipedia)

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