No Order in New Orleans

Squeezed August 30, 2005


No other word can describe what happened on the Gulf Coast.

Destruction not even Osama bin Laden could pull off even in his wildest dreams.

In New Orleans, the city that in life invited its visitors to laissez les bons temps rouler, it’s ironic that most of the damage that was caused by Hurricane Katrina was caused not by the wind as the storm passed through, but by the sheer amount of water that was left behind. Then, when the levee keeping Lake Pontchartrain from the city gave way…

A close friend of mine who lives just one block from Kawainui Marsh had her house flooded out back in the 1988 New Year’s Flood, which also overran a levee. And just this October a couple of church members who were renting out our church’s parsonage got caught in the Manoa flood. Mud and water everywhere, so we heard. Messes that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. No wonder God chose to flood the earth as punishment, rather than subject it to fire or high winds.

Which is why, thinking that over 80% of a city that once held nearly half a million people is now under water…

Les bons temps ne roulent pas maintenant.

Perhaps New Orleans should now be called Atlantis. Mind boggling. The Louisiana Superdome, sans a few pieces of roof, withstood the wind and debris, but it was no match for millions of gallons of Lake Pontchartrain.

Now there is a mandatory evacuation for the city, even from the refuges that were there. New Orleans, for all intents and purposes, has become a ghost town.

Donate to the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

2 Responses to “No Order in New Orleans”

  1. RONW Says:

    Something really odd about the news reports coming out of New O’leans….the networks are mini-reporting about the areas outside of New O’leans in Louisiana. The entire Mississippi River delta area, though not netherlands like New O’leans city, are low enough that the area must also be quite flooded and devastated. But the news seems lopsided about New O’leans city, itself. Yeah….ground access may be unavailable but there’s always helicopters. The way the reporters encapsulate it, no souls exist outsides New O’leans.

  2. Keith Says:

    I guess so. But still, who can blame them? We are talking about the cultural center of the Gulf Coast suddenly becoming an extension of Lake Pontchartrain, of over a million people now homeless nomads for months to come… Not to say that Mississippi hasn’t had its share of damage…all the casinos over there are flattened as well. But the city saw this coming long ago, or so it seems.

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