And Just When President Bush Thought It Was Safe to Come Back to Washington…

Squeezed September 4, 2005

…and just as confirmation hearings are starting for John Roberts, Jr., suddenly we hear that Chief Justice William Rehnquist has succumbed to cancer. Something we were definitely expecting, but not this soon.

And now the gloves will come off in the Senate.

When Bush nominated Roberts, the Democrats were wary but for the most part made nice, and other liberal groups were suspicious but not overtly hostile, trying to poke holes into his nomination. But now, with Rehnquist gone…we could have not one, but as many as three confirmation hearings (if Bush promotes Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas, thus creating another vacancy). Extraordinary circumstances? As many as three Supreme Court vacancies to fill? We might see Senate Wars II: Return of the Judicial Filibuster.

At least one million people in the South, the former residents of New Orleans (or is that the residents of the former New Orleans? Whatever..) are pissed off at the president right now, I just hope that President Bush treats this with more care than he did post-Katrina New Orleans.

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