Labor Day Weekend

Squeezed September 5, 2005

Saturday I took time out to help the Mid Pac Road Runners with packet pickup for the 20K the next day. Didn’t man the front desk this time, but spent most of the time folding shirts. If things ever get tough, if HMSA ever ends up laying off IT staff and I have to find a job, Crazy Shirts may be a good place to look. Lord knows I’ve got the experience and practice in folding shirts efficiently. Not neatly, but efficiently.

I stayed there for a total of about two hours, then headed to Zippy’s Pearlridge to pick up a spaghetti Mini-Pac and then to Aiea High School to park and walk to the stadium. Met up with the guys just as they were ready to dismantle the tent, table, etc. and go in. As for the game itself…well, it seemed like it would be a game for the first half, until the third quarter when the Hawaii levee burst and the USC offense came pouring in. They’re still mopping up the mess afterward. Ugh.

Woke up early on Sunday, around 3:30 a.m., for the Kalaeloa 20K, and ended up leaving the house three times, because I had first forgotten my breakfast (a single banana), then something more important…my race packet with my number. As for the race itself, my full recap of it is posted on my Team in Training blog, but suffice it to say I was satisfied with my time, even though it was rather hot and humid. Made my way back home…I was of course pretty much useless and exhausted for the rest of the day, so I catnapped, about three hours total.

And today was mostly spent recharging the batteries a bit more. Got a chance to mow the lawn today also.

At least the good thing is that this work week will be short.

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