So How’s The Weather?

Squeezed September 23, 2005

“Some say the world will end in fire,” some say in ice,” wrote Robert Frost. However, with all due respect, if current events here and elsewhere are any indication, it seems the world might end in wind and rain instead.

Just a few short weeks ago was the catastrophe called Hurricane Katrina, and until recently Hawaii was on the edge of its seat seeing if Hurricane Jova would do the same thing (fortunately, it’s passing well to our north). I’m watching coverage of Hurricane Rita on CNN and seeing wind and rain hitting the reporters in Galveston, Port Charles, and Beaumont. And earlier in the evening, rain was coming down in buckets here in Kailua. As I’m writing this, we’re still under a flash flood warning. It’s still coming down on the North Shore between Kaaawa and Kahuku, forcing the main highway out there to close down.

Normally, asking about the weather is cliched small talk, but now talking about the weather is all the rage. That’s all we’ve been hearing about this month.

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  1. RONW Says:

    While you were having the deluge in Kailua,, we nary had a drop of rain all the day long in Waikiki.

    On a more serious note, the rainfall and flooding at least in the New Orleans area might be just what the doctor ordered, to dilute and clean out the toxic sludge left there after Katrina, especially so if it’s new water.

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