Of Hard Drives and Warranties

Squeezed November 15, 2005

Sorry for the silence for the past week or so, but I’ve had some computer issues lately. And unfortunately, updating at work wasn’t an option because our computer security people in their infinite wisdom decided that blogging was a Bad Thing. And well it should be if it involves confidential information…I do value my job. But since I hardly talk about work to begin with…

But anyway, I digress.

Over the past month, my computer had been acting really flaky. My hard drive would be OK one day and then the next day react REALLY slowly, as in half an hour to start up. It got progressively worse until the beginning of last week, when the computer would start not booting at all. I went into full evacuation mode…got Norton Ghost and an external hard drive…then decided to run a chkdsk /r (the disk check feature). It took three and a half days to finish, and after that the computer just flat wouldn’t work.

That’s when I decided to call HP and deal with the results of rampant offshoring. Now, admittedly, I don’t personally know many South Asians here in Hawaii, so my ear is not quite attuned to the Indian accent. So the problem is with me. But when I have to constantly ask, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” because the support tech sounds like, “So, Mr. Higa, could you hooba booba the moose and snigfritz the plume bub?” I think we have a problem.

Long story short…I had to order the recover discs because I didn’t make them when I had the chance earlier. They FedEx’d them over and I got them the next day…used them to wipe the hard drive and restore the factory-installed programs. The documentation said as long as 5 hours. It was still going at it after ten hours, after which I said to myself, “Screw it,” and took it to CompUSA.

I should have done that in the first place. The technician (whom I could readily understand) confirmed what I had figured…the hard drive was toast. Three months old and my computer gets its first major problem. Fortunately, not only did the warranty cover parts and labor, the technician was able to replace the dead disk with a new one from the sales floor via a “rapid repair” program. What I was initially told would take one and a half weeks (aaagh!!) took just two days to complete.

Right now I’m in the process of putting things back on board and restoring from my three-month old backups. Fun fun fun. I’ve got things minimally up and running, but I think it’ll take until this weekend until things are back to normal.

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  1. Lynn Vasquez Says:

    Congrats Keith! The Marathon pau. How ya did?


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