On Island Winters

Squeezed December 29, 2005

Alchera Project, Project 40, Option 2. Write a poem about winter from your perspective. Consider all of the normal winter things like Christmas, Hanukah, snowflakes, scarves, so on and so forth. But also consider any traditions you might have during this time of year. The poem should be written in 5-line stanzas with no more than 5 stanzas total and no less than three.

Where I live, the temperature declines
And everyone around me feels the chill
And winter parkas make appearance new
With locals shivering, feeling icy chills
As the mercury below 70 falls.

The alabaster sands in Waikiki,
Warm and sumptuous, must take the place
Of snow that like a blanket lies on ground.
The days grow short and sunset comes too soon
And everywhere the holidays take hold.

But is it truly winter when the air
Is soft and smooth and warm without the bite
Of winter frost? On islands tropical,
Are we less worthy of the Christmas cheer?
Must our Christmas be so sparkling white?

Not so, say I, for foliage all around
Are greener still than any Christmas tree
And last much longer, than th’ ephemeral twig
Which sheds its needles much too soon, and then
Is turned to mulch, and then is seen no more.

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