Squeezed February 10, 2006

When the weather makes front page news in Hawaii, it’s gotta be something way out of the ordinary, something way different from the normal “beautiful trade wind day.”

Well, the weather has been quite wonderful…during the day. At night and early morning, though, it’s another story. We’ve been waking up to weather that’s bone-chilling cold. By island standards, that is. Temperatures in some parts of Oahu failed to top 70 on Thursday and in some parts dropped to 60 or below. Add gusty winds, and very dry air with dewpoints well below 60 (normal is around 65), and…brrrr!!!

These days I’ve been sleeping with sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a heavy comforter over my blanket. And today I wore two full layers on top, a jacket over a long sleeved T-shirt. This is where you can really tell the locals from the tourists…you’ll see the tourist shirtless in a bathing suit, soaking up the warmth, while the local is bundled up in full winter gear, cursing the cold.

Not that I’ve lived such a sheltered life weatherwise. I’ve endured cold, rainy winters in Oregon while I was in college, which themselves would be nothing compared to the sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest. And my last vacation to Las Vegas a year ago saw me running in 30-40 degree weather with strong north winds. I know what “mainland” cold feels like.

It’s perfect weather for running now, but thanks to the cold, I ended up catching one. Ugh. Try having a mild fever at night in the cool weather we’ve been having. I found myself shaking…not just shivering, all out shaking…when I was in the bathroom, undressed and ready to take a warm shower to keep myself comfortable. Fortunately, I’m better now. But unfortunately, I haven’t really had a chance to take full advantage of the cooler conditions.

Temperatures are going to gradually warm up over the next few days, but I hope the cool weather comes back soon. Not that I intend to become a member of the Hawaii chapter of the Polar Bear Club…but still…

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2 Responses to “Brrrrrr!!!”

  1. eric Says:

    It’s not that cold… Las Vegas was colder.
    It’s not that dry… Las Vegas was drier.
    One of our problems is that we are surrounded by water and that keeps the temperature in the lower range for most of the day, instead of rising 30 degrees F.
    Another problem is that our bodies are not acclimated to these lower temperatures living in the tropics.

  2. Freshly Squeezed Says:

    Getting Ready for a Wet Evening (UPDATED)

    A reality check to prove that weather in Hawaii can be exciting at times…maybe a little too exciting this winter. First we had really “frigid” weather last month…and then…talk about March coming in like a lion. A low pressure system…

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