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Interplanetary radio? Now that REALLY would be DX.

We hams pride ourselves on our ability to make contacts, across town, across the country, across the ocean. However, if intercontinental contacts get to be old hat, what about…interplanetary ones? if one wanted to get a message to another world, … Continue reading

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A QSO a day keeps the doctor away?

On the Internet, you’ll find many examples of people trying to do something every day over the course of the 365 days in a year. Probably the most common is to take a picture every day for 365 days, or … Continue reading

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PSK31: Please Say “Kewl,” 31 times

OK, that’s a bit of a stretch in the title there, but I think it expresses my opinion of HF digital modes quite well. 🙂 Once I was up and running on 20 meters, I had been playing with PSK31 … Continue reading

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