He’s been a ham for longer than most people are alive

Via QRZ.com:

George Bollas, VK3LA of Melbourne, Australia has this year achieved a remarkable milestone. First licensed in April 1931 he has marked 2011 as his 80th year of continuous amateur radio operation. That is surprising in itself but as well, at 95 years of age, George is still regularly on the air and actively home constructing.

His latest project just completed was the building of a batch of three 23cm 2C39 valve amplifiers to compliment his already comprehensive home built ATV station. He can still be heard on 20M working his old friends overseas using his beloved Collins ā€œSā€-line. As always he is ready with advice and encouragement to younger hams both in club activities and individually. If ever a voice has echoed through the generations of amateur radio it is that of our friend George Bollas VK3LA. http://www.qrz.com/db/vk3la


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