CQ Ham Radio, this is Bytemarks Cafe!

Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa are both well-known among the technology community, and among geeks in general, here in Hawaii. Among other things, on Wednesday afternoons at 5:00 p.m. on 89.3 MHz (HPR-2), they can be heard on the Hawaii Public Radio talk show Bytemarks Cafe, which talks about all things tech. They’ve been doing it for several years now, so these guys do know their way around a radio station (or at least around a mic).

Now, you might be hearing them on 146.88 MHz and other frequencies as well. Today, both Burt and Ryan passed their Technician class exams, and in a couple of weeks they’ll have callsigns of their own. That the ham radio community now has the two alpha geeks (and the best tech evangelists) in Hawaii speaks volumes. Listen to their show so you know their voices. Then keep an ear out for them on our bands, and give them a warm welcome!

Update 6/10/12: One thing about Ryan – he also maintains a lot of Hawaii-related sites, tops among them his Hawaii Blog. In keeping with that, he’s started Hawaii Ham. Thanks, Ryan, for the shout-out. Perhaps you’ll be keeping things more up-to-date than I have been. 🙂

Update 6/12/12: They’re both official now – Burt is WH6DZJ, Ryan is WH6DZK. (Of course, those calls may be subject to change later on.)

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