Busy time in my ham life

Wow, lots of things have happened in my ham radio life in the past few weeks. Here are just a few:

1.  Finally got to do my first public service event as a ham, doing the communications at the Nuuanu aid station for the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s HURT 100 Mile Race. (It’s gotta be a race that I wouldn’t dream of doing as a participant.) Old technology met new this year as, in addition to the radio, we had laptops with wireless broadband and the ability to e-mail results to the finish line in Makiki. I had a more experienced ham, NH7WL, helping me get comfortable in the role. It was pretty quiet (and pretty wet), but I had a lot of fun. Would definitely do it again.

2. Attended the EARC meeting on the 24th; was intrigued with Chuck (NH7XL)’s demonstration of PSK31 and what can be transmitted using a computer and the HF bands. Definitely something to look forward to once I get my General. I’m still studying when I can…maybe by my one-year anniversary.  Unfortunately for Chuck, he had trouble competing with NH7QH and his ham gear. Hams can’t resist bargains.

3. In other news: I finally got the chance to finish the independent study for the ICS 100 course and passed the exam, so now I have a nice looking certificate from FEMA to show for my efforts. I also signed up for the ARRL Emergency Comm Level 1 course.

The “mentor” they assigned me (N1LL) lives in Indiana, in what looks like a pretty farm community in the Midwest according to Google Earth. Definitely different from Hawaii. In his welcome e-mail, he told me:

You’re the first student I’ve had from Hawaii. Would love to be there now – about 12 degrees right now and just starting to snow (6-8 inches expected tonight). You know what I’ll be doing come morning – or sooner if the wife gets called in.

Like I said, way different from Hawaii. But emergencies happen anywhere.

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