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August 28, 2005

An Endless Source of Energy

T minus 105 days and counting.

At the end of my fundraising letters, I included a quote from Gerry Lindgren from his recently completed book. He said, "When you run unselfishly, for the benefit, happiness, and welfare of others, you tap into an energy source you could never imagine." Lindgren definitely knows what it's like...as he describes it, he won all those races not to win the medal, but to make his opponent give his all.

Of course, I don't expect that I would achieve the success that he has (he won all that acclaim before he left high school). But, knowing that my running is not for myself, but for others who can't, has given me a level of motivation I had not experienced in a while.

When I'm actually looking forward to an 11-mile run and running it in less than 10-minute-per-mile pace, as I did yesterday, I know the energy is there.

When I'm running more times in the week than I used to all this year, and not thinking anything about it, I know the energy is there.

When I'm running easy despite being slightly sore from the previous day, I know the energy is there.

And when I remember the reason I'm doing it, when I look down at the purple silicone rubber bracelet around my wrist that says, "Train Endure Achieve Matter", the initials of which spell TEAM...the energy comes rushing.

As for the fundraising, I've been holding steady at $254 total. This should change in the next few weeks as the responses to the letters I've sent out come in.

For the week ending 8/28/05: Monday 0, Tuesday 5, Wednesday 3 (Niketown, Ala Moana short course), Thursday 3 (10 x 100 with 300m recovery @ McKinley Track), Friday 0, Saturday 11 (1:45 run, in my case from Kapiolani Park to Kalani HS and back), Sunday 3. Total for the week: 25 miles.

Posted by Keith at August 28, 2005 10:48 PM

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