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September 04, 2005

Training Update: Week 4

T minus 98 days and counting.

Yet another early morning, this time on a holiday weekend. This time I was down at the other end of the island, on the former grounds of Barbers Point Naval Station, for the Kalaeloa 20K. 12.4 miles.

Actually did OK this time, despite rather hot and humid weather. 1:57:20, around 9:27/mile, about the same pace on average as I did during the Normal Tamanaha 15K two weeks ago. Was struggling quite a bit on mile 7, but a gel at the next aid station worked wonders. Next time, though, I'm sticking to PowerGel. I tried this new Accel Gel, which also adds 25% protein to the mix to aid recovery, but it tastes nasty, or at least the flavor I tried did. And I'm carrying more of them, at least one for each 30 minutes.

I think perhaps I've found my goal marathon pace? 9:27 pace for a marathon would put me around 4:07:35, around my PR time. That would be a great improvement over last year when I ran 4:59 flat. That I was able to run that pace and not slow down so much is great.

Getting closer in training, getting closer in fundraising, getting closer to the date.

For the week ending 9/4/05: Monday 4, Tuesday 5, Wednesday 5, Thursday 2 (7 x 200 with 200m recovery), Friday and Saturday 0, Sunday 12.4 (Kalaeloa 20K). Total 28 miles.

Posted by Keith at September 4, 2005 05:48 PM

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Nice work on the running. I'm actually about 3 weeks away from my first marathon. I'd love to hit the 4 hour mark, but I struggle to keep a 10 minute pace beyond 10 miles. Do you think 18 miles as my longest pre-marathon run is enough? That's what my training program says, but there is a huge difference between 18 and 26.2!

Posted by: Brad at September 8, 2005 09:09 AM

Hello, Brad...many programs put their maximum at between 18-22 miles; very few if any programs put beginners through the whole 26.2. It does seem like it's not long enough, but keep in mind two things...you'll probably be drastically tapering mileage for the next few weeks, and you'll be carboloading in the final week, so you'll have more energy to burn over the last 6-8 miles. Besides, IMHO, you shouldn't stress too much over your first marathon; your only goal should be to finish. Good luck! --K

Posted by: Keith at September 8, 2005 02:04 PM

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