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October 20, 2005

Almost to the Half-Marathon!

The fundraising is coming along. I'm almost at the $1,300 mark...the half marathon point. I've been cashing in spare change and aluminum cans at home, and I've put a few unused books on Amazon.com and sold a few. And I've got a few more donations as well.

Thanks to Aunty T, Glenn & Cindy, and Misako (Misako, your support as someone who has done TNT before has been invaluable, and every little bit counts...thanks!). And special thanks to Eric, who gave a really generous gift! Eric, I treasure your friendship and wish you the best of luck in your own quest for the marathon finish line!

On the "marathon course," I'm now on the highway passing by Wailupe Beach Park, on the way out to Hawaii Kai. My main goal is to make it out to Hawaii Kai ($1,600, 16 miles), then as far as I can on the return trip.

Keep it coming, folks! While I'm working on getting to the actual finish line of the marathon, I'm counting on you to help push me to the fundraising finish line, and push the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society that much closer to its ultimate finish line...a cure for blood-related cancers. It's a team effort, and you're part of my team. Think of it this way...with your donation, you are figuratively running with me. Ask yourself, if you could run side by side with me for part of the distance, and physical condition were no object, how far would you run? Then give accordingly. Thank you for your support!

Posted by Keith at October 20, 2005 10:57 PM

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