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December 13, 2005

Facing The Future Post-Marathon

Well, it's now two days after the marathon and I'm going through the "walking like a person twice my age" phase, walking stiff-legged. There are two things that I dread after a marathon or other long race...stairs and chairs. With elevators all around, I can easily avoid the former, but in my information technology job I can't avoid the latter. Getting in and out of my chair is now an monumental effort. Fortunately, though, this condition is temporary.

And I've been fielding questions around the office about my marathon, about how I did. When you talk to non-marathoners, I've noticed it doesn't matter much if you say you finished in 4 hours, 6 hours, or even 8 hours...you may as well have finished with the lead runners, judging from their reaction.

At the same time, I've been thinking about what to do next. I do see another Honolulu Marathon for TNT in my future. Maybe even as a mentor, putting the experience of seven marathons and a season of fundraising to use. And now, knowing what it takes to raise $1,600, I have the luxury of a year to prepare to fundraise again. I have a few ideas on what to do next time. Bottom line...there will be a sequel to this story.

Until the release of Not A Sprint II in July or August, though, I intend to keep this blog going on an occasional basis, looking for interesting bits about blood cancer research or about blood cancer patients who blog.

In fact, I found a blog on Technorati about a New York-based drummer, Lance Carter, who has played in many different bands. He has multiple myeloma and is currently undergoing an autologous bone marrow transplant.

And I'll also include some entries about running in general, as I try to prepare myself for the next challenge.

This is not the end, but only the beginning.

Posted by Keith at December 13, 2005 07:09 PM

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