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November 23, 2005

Time for the Taper

Sorry for the silence over the past month. Part of it was due to computer problems that I experienced earlier this month...apparently my three-month old computer had cancer of the hard disk, so I had to bring it in to CompUSA for a transplant. Fortunately, the insurance...I mean the warranty covered it. Man, I'm starting to talk cancer now...

Anyway, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. I finished the Val Nolasco Half Marathon on November 6 in a time of 1:55:59...faster now over 13.1 miles than I did a few months before over 12.4 miles.

Then, over the next two weeks, I ran 16 miles, then last Saturday, I did the traditional 20-mile run from Kapiolani Park out to Hawaii Kai and back. And I felt good afterward, a bit tired, but not sore afterward.

When I think of how far I've come so fast, it startles me. I think I'm ready for a really good marathon. I hope I can hold pace and keep going strong even through the last six miles.

Now it's time for the taper...dropping mileage in preparation for the race. I feel so good now that by the time the last week comes around and I start carbo-loading I'm going to be bouncing off the walls.

But now for business...I'm getting closer and closer. I'm within $150 of my minimum. Just six donations at $25 will put me over the top. Thanks to Andrew, Lance & Kathy, and Ann for their donations!

I repeat, just six $25 donations. Or three $50 donations. Won't you be the person who puts me over the top? Donate today.

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