It takes more than a big-gun station to make a top operator.

May 31, 2012
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I happened across this article this afternoon on the ARRL website. I found it rather timely given a rather regrettable affair between two fellow hams (whose calls I will not name – they know who they are) that should have been kept private, but was unfortunately aired in the rather public forum of the EARC e-mail reflector.

The article is great reading, if rather sad. However, to make my point, I’ll cut to the chase (emphasis is mine).

During my drive home later that night I tried to imagine why any ham would want to ruin the enjoyment of Amateur Radio by anyone else. The ego, selfishness or anger issues that I mulled over as the possible answer reflected so poorly on the other operator that I finally gave up and concluded that his behavior was simply beyond my comprehension. Ham radio is a hobby that should be fun for all participants regardless of their equipment or skill level. If those unwilling to play nicely with others succeed in driving people away, the eventual result will be a few big-gun stations that quickly work each other and then spend the rest of the contest weekend calling CQ endlessly without being answered because the operators who might have replied have quit the hobby.

‘Nuff said.

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